Please note that due to very high volumes of repairs turnaround time is currently around 6 weeks.


The average consumer in Australia, throws away multiple pairs of shoes, every year. This waste of raw materials and the resulting strain on the environment, completely contradict the environmental conscience our society.

The ultimate environmental conservation, is waste reduction. For this reason, Birkenstock Soul encourages the repair of Birkenstock products.
By having your Birkenstock shoes and sandals repaired, you considerably help ease the strain on the environment. For instance, you can double the longevity of your Birkenstock sandals, by simply replacing the sole.

Birkenstock Soul Offers an In-House Repair Service

Most parts of a Birkenstock sandal can be repaired, generally with the exception of the fabric upper.

Check your shoes regularly, to see whether your sandals or clogs need a sole replacement. Always consider that unevenly worn soles, will result in decreased longevity of your sandals and particularly the footbed. In the first instance, either the tips or soles of the shoe can be repaired. Once the sole is worn out by more than three quarters, the entire sole can be replaced as a simple repair procedure. Your old Birkenstock sandals are far too valuable to be thrown out!

Ask us about our repair service in-store, or do not hesitate to contact us.

Repair tunaround is currently around 8 weeks.


If you are not able to make it to our Petersham store you can post your shoes directly to the workshop:

Birkenstock Soul Repairs

PO Box 114

Blackheath, NSW, 2785

Workshop Ph# (02) 4787 6550


Note: if posting your shoes do not send them to our Petersham store. Please post them to our Blackheath PO Box.



Note: Due to administrative costs, repairs totaling less than $16.50(not including freight) will be rounded up to $16.50

  • $30 Heel Replacement (per pair)
  • $60 Sole Replacement (per pair)
  • $11 Minimum Cork Repair
  • $120 Adults’ Recycle (per pair)
  • $145 Soft Footbed Recycle (per pair)
  • $44 Suede Lining Replacement (per pair)
  • $5.50 Buckle Replacement (per buckle)
  • $13 Express Australia Post Freight